Occupational safety issues were discussed by experts from Kazakhstan and international organizations.

On April 28, on World Labor Day, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company, held a webinar on the topic "Anticipating the crisis and being ready for it - Investing now in adequate occupational safety systems."

In an online format, labor experts from Kazakhstan, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Association of Labor Inspections (IAIT) and business representatives discussed the development of modern systems for preventing industrial accidents in the context of pandemics, the use of modern digital solutions in production and investment in IT in the field of labor protection and industrial safety.

Opening the webinar, the First Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sarbasov Akmadi Adilovich noted that thanks to the timely measures taken in Kazakhstan, it was possible to significantly reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection among workers at enterprises. First of all, this is a recommendation to all employers to transfer employees to a remote mode of work and the creation of work councils for safety and labor protection at enterprises, whose responsibilities include ensuring internal control over compliance with labor safety and health requirements at enterprises.
 He also said that the the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population has submitted a bill on improving the legal regulation of remote work for consideration by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.kiosh

According to Sarbasov, more than 1,300 workers are injured annually at enterprises in Kazakhstan, of which about 200 people die. The roadmap provides for a set of measures to optimize the requirements for employers in the field of occupational safety, aimed at reducing occupational risks at workplaces, industrial injuries and workplaces with harmful working conditions, and ensuring proper state control.

An unprecedented program with the participation of key industry experts awaited the participants of the webinar. The speaker was the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of MAIT Ivan Ivanovich Shklovets, who spoke about the role of labor inspectorates in the fight against the pandemic.

The National Coordinator of the ILO in Kazakhstan Umirzhanov Talgat Abdrakhmanovich made a presentation on the topic “Anticipating the crisis and being ready for it - Investing now in adequate occupational safety systems”.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhumageldieva Gulnara Amangeldievna informed the webinar listeners about the role of trade unions in improving the occupational safety system.

The audience was especially interested in the presentation of Dmitry Sergeevich Tsetselyuk, Director for Labor Protection and Industrial Safety of Eurasian Group LLP. Dmitry Sergeevich shared the best practices in achieving zero injuries, which are used at the enterprises of the Eurasian Group (ERG).

Sariyev Askhat Ermekovich, Director of the Department of Industrial Safety and Environment of JSC NC KTZh, spoke about the increased role of employees in preventing risks, working in a pandemic and the prospects for the development of IT in the field of labor protection.

Representatives of NC KTZh JSC Galina Vladimirovna Astapenko, AK Altynalmas JSC Konarov Bakytzhan Zheksenbaevich and General Director of VIST Mining Technology LLC Yakovenko Alexey Sergeevich discussed the role of digitalization in the new era, practical cases of using digital technologies and the experience of using investments in digital on the example of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.

The webinar was moderated by Laura Ibragimovna Edilbaeva, General Director of Tsifra Asia LLP.

Webinar Partner - Eurasian Group (ERG).

The webinar was held under the auspices of the Kazakhstan International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational and Industrial Safety - KIOSH 2021, which, due to the long-term negative impact on the world of coronavirus infection, were postponed to April 27-29, 2022.



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