Atyrau Oil and Gas 2019 exhibition and AtyrauBuild 2019: digitalization and investment hori-zons

On April 9-11, 2019 Atyrau will host two significant for the region and industry events: The 18th North-Caspian Regional Atyrau Oil&Gas Exhibition and the 18th North-Caspian Regional Building & Interiors Exhibition AtyrauBuild 2019. Participants and visitors will have a full busi-ness program on the most acute issues and an excellent exposition.

                                                                oil gasatb

In 2019 the number of participants has increased by 20%. So, one business platform will see over 2000 specialists of the oil, gas and construction industries from 20 world countries, in-cluding Azerbaijan, Austria, England, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Turkey, and Russia. The following companies will take part in the Atyrau Oil&Gas 2019 for the first time: Transneft Diascan, Novomet perm, TEMPO, TEKSAN, Elterm, Silkway Helicopter Services, Rob-ertson GEO.

Key participating companies consider both events as an efficient platform for presentation and discussion of the most acute issues. The oil and gas industry operators hold workshops with suppliers, announce reports on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Together with the official part of the exhibitions, the business program includes workshops focused on presentation and study of the significant trends in the oil, gas and construction in-dustries. Digitalization and investments horizons - this is the keynote of the exhibitions business program in 2019.

On April 9th, the General Partner of the Atyrau Oil&Gas 2019 Exhibition - Tengizchevroil Company - will hold a workshop on the development and expansion of suppliers' capabilities.

AYACOM Company, on April 9th, will also have a workshop on Active use of Office 365 and Canon's extension for printing. During its workshops, Numetech Coatings Asia company will discuss polyurethane hydro-insulating, floor, and anticorrosive coatings. The first day of the ex-hibition will also see two workshops from Kasperskylab companies on IT-attacks in the industrial sector and on information security on production facilities. The second workshop will be dedi-cated to the subject on How to turn a weak link of the companies into its strength.

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AMM Mining & Metallurgy Congress 2019: discussing forward-looking solutions

On June 12-13, 2019 Astana will host the monumental business event in the mining and metallurgical industry of Central Asia - 10th Anniversary Astana Mining & Metallurgy - AMM 2019 Exhibition and Congress.

ammToday AMM Congress is recognized as one of the most efficient industrial platforms for interaction between officials, business and science. More than 60 world experts, 500 delegates from 12 countries will take place in the upcoming, already 10th meeting of miners and metallurgists.

During two days participants will enjoy an intense business program. Today, the key message of AMM Congress is already defined - Digitalization and investment horizons, and main thematic sessions as follows: "Digitalization of production and processing, increasing efficiency of production processes in the mining and metallurgical complex", "Attracting investments and replacement of mineral resources. The program will include AMM Forum, presentation sessions, technical workshops, round table, and master classes.

On June 12th, at the AMM Forum, within the frame of the session the world and Kazakhstani leaders of the mining and metallurgical complex will tell about the prospects of development in their companies in terms of general digitalization, consider disbalance issues in the mining industry. Speakers will be representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, top managers of companies such as IBM, SAP, Kaspersky Lab, Outotex GmbH&Co, Altynalmas, and others.

During the first day of the Congress, the experts of the mining and metallurgical complex will also pay particular attention to the Subsoil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the discussion panel experts, together with the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of RK, will discuss changes caused by the Code adoption, what was achieved during the previous period, as well as pros and cons of changes for the state, subsoil users and investors. The discussion will take place in a Q&A format.

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The Golden Hephaestus competition sets a high bar for searching for innovative solutions in the mining industry

Call for applications for participation in the annual «Golden Hephaestus» competition, which is held for the 10th time in succession within the frame of the «Astana Mining&Metallurgy» (AMM) Congress, is being continued. Specialists in the field of geology, mining and metallurgy, representatives of designing, scientific, educational establishments and enterprises, as well as journalists writing about the mining and metallurgical sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan are invited for participation.

ammThe «Golden Hephaestus» competition is highly essential for the participants of the industry. It is the most prestigious award of the republican significance for the mining and metallurgical complex specialists. The first Golden Hephaestus statuette was presented to Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whereby setting a high level of professional and innovative requirements for the projects of the future competition participants.

Today, more than 350 mining and 270 metallurgical companies with more than 200 thousand employees work in the industry. The competition jury will apprise companies achievements in the mining industry, therefore increasing status and competitiveness of specialists and stimulating them for constant growth and development of their professional skills.

The «Golden Hephaestus» includes 13 nominations: Professional of the year (three nominations), Project of the year, Leader in Kazakhstan content, Scientist and Teacher of the year, Diploma work of the year, Leader of the year in innovations, Media-project of the year (three nominations), Best digital-solution in the mining industry, Best foreign partner.

The call for applications has already been started and will continue till May 20th, 2019. Winners in 13 categories will be defined by the jury consisting of reputable specialists of the industry and representatives of state structures.

The rewarding of winners will take place on June 12 within the frame of the AMM Congress in the Hilton Astana Hotel. Projects, which will win in the competition, will receive the financial award, students will have the opportunity for an internship in significant companies, articles of journalists will be published in international media. The Golden Hephaestus competition is actively supported by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Eurasian Group (ERG) is the General Partner of the competition.

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Tourism & Travel KITF 2019 opens new horizons

International Exhibition “Tourism & Travel” - KITF 2019 will take place in Almaty city on April 17-19, 2019 at the Atakent Exhibition Center. KITF 2019 presents new B2B platform, saturated with business and entertainment programs. Thus, the business part of the exhibition program will include the events of industrial significance:

kitf1. Round table on the issues of international cooperation within the frame of development of Kazakhstan as a Travel destination
2. Round table on the strategy of cooperation in the travel industry between state agencies and commercial companies of Kazakhstan.
3. Almaty Travel Fest Forum of travelers
4. Discussion clubs on the subjects such as E-commerce and digitalization; Avia products, including low-costers; Medical tourism.
5. Sanatorium-resort sector and Medical tourism

One of the key events within the KITF 2019 program will be a Buyer program. The primary goal of this project is in the full use of B2B tools for the active development of the tourism market of Kazakhstan. Buyers from Russia, Germany, India, Japan, China, Israel, and the USA were invited for this purpose to the exhibition. The event of the kind will become a further impetus and serve as a useful tool to promote Kazakhstani travel product, having a high business potential.

In its turn, delegations from Kyrgyzstan and regional travel agencies of Kazakhstan (Astana, Shymkent, Karaganda, and Ust-Kamenogorsk will be again arranged for representatives of foreign destinations and participants.

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Conference on digitalization in Oil and Gas industry: unleashing the potential of the future

Traditionally, this April, Atyrau is to become a meeting place for oil and gas industry specialists of Kazakhstan, CIS, and far abroad countries. On April 9-11, 2019 Atyrau will host two significant for the region and industry events: the 18th North Caspian Regional Atyrau Oil&Gas Exhibition in the Exhibition Center of Atyrau city and the Digitalization of Oil and Gas Industry and Kazakhstan content Conference in the Sultan Palace hotel.

oil gasThe Digitalization of Oil and Gas Industry and Kazakhstan Content Conference will take place during the first day of the Atyrau Oil&Gas 2019 Exhibition. Admission is free for all participants of the Exhibition.

During the conference, its participants will discuss the most acute issues of industry development - implementation of innovative solutions, "smart" technologies, digitalization of oil processes and changes in legislation. The organizer of the event is the Union on Development of Strategic Partnerships.

The Conference is to gather more than 200 professionals from the leading international and Kazakhstan companies, as well as other participants of the market. The quality stuffing of the current program will allow to realize to the full all acute issues of the industry and find ways for their solution. The Conference will also open effective business platforms for dialogues: workshops and B2B meetings.

On April 9th, at 12:00, the major participants of the market and state sector representatives will meet at the Territory of changes. Trends of oil industry digitalization Session. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy of RK and the Ministry of Information and Communications of RK will act as speakers.

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Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2019: demonstration of scientific and practical medicine and pharmaceutics

On May 15th-17th, 2019 Almaty will hold one of the most expected business events in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics of Central Asia - the 26th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2019.

kiheMore than 25 years KIHE is one of the most significant demonstration platforms of achievements in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics of Central Asia and annually it gathers physicians of different categories, pharmacists, representatives of state agencies and businesses from different countries.

More than 100 companies from Belarus, Hungary, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Finland have already confirmed their participation in this year's KIHE Exhibition, among them there are producers and suppliers of medical equipment, devices, consumables for clinics and laboratories; medical products of various applications; equipment for production, packaging, and labeling of pharmaceutical devices and so on.

During three days participants and visitors will enjoy the intense business program. Today organizers have already defined main events where the most acute items will be considered.

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Iteca - results of the exhibition season 2018 and plans for the future year

In Kazakhstan an importance and popularity of the exhibition actions is increasing every year. They allow us to highlight the current trends in the global market and in the industries, to acquaint with them leading experts and representatives of domestic and foreign organizations.

The exhibition company Iteca has been working in our Republic for 25 years, and annually holds about 30 exhibitions and conferences of international level. In particular, in 2018, the company organized and successfully held 28 industry events. Among them are the following major projects: the exhibition and the conference “Oil and Gas” KIOGE, the exhibition “Tourism and Travel” KITF, the exhibition “Health Care” KIHE, the building and interior exhibition KazBuild and many others. Yury Borodikhin, the director of the exhibition company Iteca, informed about results of the expiring year and about future prospects.

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