Exhibitions Stands

Exhibitions Stands are a great way for companies to show their products and to let the world know they exist.

In many occasions, a big investment is needed to list your company as an exhibitor in the leading shows of your sector. It seems obvious that we may want to get the highest return from our expense and the number of people visiting our stand is the key to achieve this.


Not all visitors will convert into customers. However, if you offer a great experience visiting your stand there are more chances that more people may be interested in some of your products or services. There are some basic points to consider if you want to succeed in getting more visitors.

First of all, it seems clear that your number of visitors will be higher if they easily bump into your stand rather than they find it in a lost corner of the hall. A good location can make the difference and companies know it. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you try to book your place in the exhibition early enough to avoid being set far from the hot spots.

The staff selected to work at the stand must be kind and well trained, always ready to answer any questions about the products or the company itself. It is very important that everyone knows his role and what to do when dealing with visitors. The team at the stand must ready to keep a log of every detail happening there, especially of every new contact made.

People like gifts. Take this into account when you plan your marketing strategy and include something interesting to give away. This fact will improve visitor’s experience and they will go back home with something making your company noticeable.

Your stand will offer visitors the first impression of your company. It is important to pay attention to the design and try to find out which one is more appropriate for the products you try to sell. Look for the better customer experience, size is not crucial.

Last but not the least, when everything is well planned and ready, there should be a correct promotion of the stand. Nowadays, social media provide very useful tools to let potential customers know that you are there and that you are eager to welcome everyone.



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