Transition to digitalization is a step towards the prosperity of oil industry

Gold partner of annual exhibition "Atyrau Oil and Gas 2018" - JSC "Embamunaygas" will speak at the event as the organizer of forum "Digitalization of oil production process".

oil gasCurrently, the largest oil companies have divisions engaged in development and implementation of concept of digital oil field: "Smart Fields" by Shell, "Field of the Future" by BP, "iFields" by Chevron etc. The same divisions have the largest national oil companies, including Saudi Aramco, Petrobras, Kuwait Oil Company. Analysis of world experience of functioning of oil fields with a system of digital oil fieldsshows that its introduction leads to increase ofprojectORI by 10-20%; speed of making managerial decisions increases by 20-40%; operating costs are reduced by 30-50%; profit increases by 10-35%. The forecast of digital oil fieldsystemuse against growing need for use of innovations and against decline in production provides for increase in productivity and maintenance of oil production. In general, the world oil and gas industry plans to invest more than $ 1 billion in creation of digital oil fieldover the next 5 years.

Implementation of state program “Digital Kazakhstan” is a top priority and the main strategic direction of country's development. Pilot project of digitalization of "Uaz" deposit of JSC "Embamunaygas" was launched in February 2016 in production structural division of OGPD "Kaynarmunaygas". The concept of digital deposit provides continuous processing of data on operation of deposit for operational control and rapid decision-making.At the same time, safety is increased, production risks are reduced.Today, parameters of “Uaz”deposit wells in online mode are transferred to dispatcher office of OGPD. In parallel, all information is sent to the Center for Visualization of Production Processes, where it is also analyzed and long-term planning is carried out on its basis. At the same time, specialists of all branches of company's management are involved in the process of remote monitoring and management of oil production facilities.

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Cooperation and collaboration

Early in March 2018, in Astana, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between KAZENERGY “the Kazakhstan Association of Oil&Gas and Energy Sectors” and ITECA the leading Kazakhstan exhibition company .

kioge kazenergy logos

The organisers of the two key oil and gas events - KAZENERGY Forum and KIOGE Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Conference decided to hold the events every two years. Starting from this year, KIOGE will be held in even-numbered years, and KAZENERGY Forum in odd-numbered years. The purpose of the two events is the development of the oil and gas sector, production support, attraction of new technologies and investment.

KAZENERGY Forum is the main international event for Kazakhstan energy sector. The heads of countries, governments, international energy companies and well-known industry experts attend the event. The success and credibility of the Forum is largely related to the participation of influential political figures and recognized experts in the field with a worldwide reputation.

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International exhibition Global Oil & Gas Atyrau will start in April

Specialists of oil and gas industry will gather for the 17th time at the North Caspian Regional Exhibition Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2018 - Atyrau Oil and Gas, which will be held in the exhibition center.

oil gasLeading Kazakhstan companies such as Tengizchevroil, NCOC, Embamunaygas have been constant participants of Global Oil & Gas Atyrau for 17 years.

We would like to especially note that this year Tengizchevroil celebrates its 25th anniversary, and within the framework of its participation TCO will present an expanded exhibition exposition, hold a series of seminars and presentations that will highlight various aspects of company's activities.

More than 50 companies from Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Belarus, Russia and Austria confirmed their participation this year (February 2018), of which 15 exhibitors will present their products for the first time at Global Oil & Gas Atyrau. This figure is 34% more than for the same period in 2017.

Thematic sections of the exhibition cover multidirectional presentations from participating companies and educational seminars. For example, NCOC Consortium will present a report on sustainable development for 2017, speakers of JSC “Embamunaygas” will discuss issues of geological exploration and digitalization in oil production process. Seminars will be held in two seminar rooms in a new open format. The partner of seminars zone is the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which takes part at the event for the first time.

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New technologies for provision of business and life safety Securika Kazakhstan 2018

From April 25-27, international exhibition Securika Kazakhstan 2018 will be held in Almaty - the most anticipated event among specialists in the field of safety and fire protection systems.

secToday Securika Kazakhstan is the only specialized exhibition in Central Asian region, demonstrating the latest technical security equipment for safety and fire protection.

Interest in new technologies in the field of security and fire protection is growing every year. Over 8 years of operation, Securika Kazakhstan has acquired the status of important B2B platform. It is here where experts get acquainted with presented innovative solutions which can significantly optimize the budget of future project, reduce the number of contractors and deadlines.

In turn, participants of exhibition will successfully present their premium products and ready-made solutions at the exhibition, thereby expanding geography of business and network of business contacts.

This year's exhibition will present participants from Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Russia, Taiwan and other countries. Among exhibitors of 2018 season there are large domestic and international companies: CCIC Almaty, Dahua Technology Kazakhstan, Security Systems Bureau. KZ, World of Security Systems, Trassir-Almaty, Alma Arsenal, Hikvision Kazakhstan, Inter RAO LED Systems, Isub, Teko- Shopping Center and many others.

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World Mining Congress 2018: Stages of program formation

From June 19 till June 22, the 25th anniversary World Mining Congress will be held in Astana. Such large-scale event of world significance is held for the first time not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the territory of CIS. Kazakhstan was chosen not casually for anniversary WMC. Country's resources are a rich mineral resource base: 99 elements of periodic table are found in internal parts of the earth, 5000 active deposits, more than 60 elements are used in production.

It should be noted that in terms of MMC market, 2017 was completed successfully for Kazakhstan. As a result of the past year, volume of mining industry grew by 9.3%, processing industry - by 5.1%. Volume of extraction of non-ferrous metal ores increased by 8.2%, volume of extraction of iron ore increased by 6.9%. Indicators in metallurgy sector show positive dynamics, which is explained by increase in volume of production: in ferrous metallurgy volume grew by 6.6%, whereas in non-ferrous metallurgy growth in production was 5.5%.

Introduction of Code "On subsurface and subsurface use", signed on December 27, 2017, corresponds to the best world practice: improvement of legislation in the light of introduction of international system of reporting standards greatly simplifies the procedure for concluding subsurface use contracts, ensures stability of subsurface use conditions and contributes to investment attractiveness of industry.

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The annual International Exhibition of the Northern Caspian Region “Global Oil&Gas Atyrau 2018” will open its doors and welcome all participants and visitors for the 17th time

This is the largest exhibition event of Atyrau oblast, which will traditionally take place in spring on April 10th-12th. The Exhibition of Global Oil&Gas Atyrau is truly considered to be a reputable platform to hold negotiations on the establishment of various partnership projects - from the production of oil and gas and to the manufacture of equipment and development of the sectoral infrastructure.

oil gasAtyrau is one of 18 cities included into the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). By now, over 75 deposits have been discovered at the territory of Atyrau oblast, and their industrial reserves amount to 930 million tons. At present, the oilfields of Tengiz and Kashagan have the key importance. For the period from January through September 2017, Tengizchevroil has boosted its oil production, arriving at 171 million barrels, which exceeds the same indicator of 2016 by 5.4 %. According to the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the sector of oil production has returned to its dominating position due to the launch of the Kashagan oilfield in 2016, marking a positive change in the national economy. Further production growth is forecasted also for 2018. According to the Minister of Energy, Kanat Bozumbayev, the respective action program for 2018 is currently being developed in stages and will be aimed at the goal of 370 000 barrels per day. The Operator of the North Caspian Project, which includes also the offshore field Kashagan, is North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC).

For 17 years, Global Oil&Gas Atyrau has been bringing together professionals of the petroleum industry. Acting as a catalyst for business transformation, this Exhibition contributes to an increase of commercial receipts and extension of the territory of sales of oil and gas equipment. In 2017, the Exhibition was attended by 1660 unique specialists of the industry. Regular assessments of the efficiency factors of the Exhibition allow saying that 51 % of its exponents consider their participation to be quite an important step for their businesses, and among golden partners and honorary guests of Global Oil&Gas Atyrau we are proud to name NCOC and Tengizchevroil. Many senior officials took part in the activities of the previous rounds of the Exhibition: Nurlan Nogayev, Akim of Atyrau oblast, Uzakbai Karabalin, Deputy Chairman of the national Association “KAZENERGY”, Jorn Rosenberg, Consul General of Germany, Alexander Yakovlev, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Galimzhan Amanturlin, General Director of Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP, Aibolat Gabdullin, Deputy General Director in Production of Embamunaigas JSC, Sagat Tugelbayev, an entrepreneur and a shareholder in ANACO, AtyrauNefteMash, Zaman Energy, Sagat Energy and Belkamit, and also representatives of numerous diplomatic missions. Though most of the participants are local enterprises, last year 28.1 % of the exhibitors represented such foreign countries as Azerbaijan, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Italy, China, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukrain, Croatia and Switzerland and demonstrated their developments in the course of Global Oil&Gas Atyrau 2017.

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The key trends within the oil and gas industry were discussed at KIOGE

The 25th Anniversary International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2017 was held on 4-5 October in Almaty, Kazakhstan. More than 250 companies from 25 countries participated in this significant event. Industry specialists note that for a quarter of a century the KIOGE event has become an autumn tradition within the oil and gas community and express their huge gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to discuss the pressing issues of the oil and gas industry together.

kioge25 enKIOGE is an excellent platform to hold meetings with potential partners and share experience with specialists from different countries. One of the important topics for discussion this year was the state of the extractive sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the prospects for its development.

Anuar Zhaksybekov, Chairman of the Board of Embamunaigas, presented his vision for the future of the country’s extracti ve industry. Embamunaigas has a 95-year history and therefore vast experience both in theory and in practice of geological research, exploration and production of hydrocarbon raw materials. The Head of the company believes that it is necessary to reduce production costs and increase the operating factor of wells by optimizing the operation of the equipment. The implementation of the transport logistics project allowed Embamunaigas to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. In addition, since 2015 the company is paying special attention to training and internships for its employees in leading foreign specialized universities.

Another topical issue discussed at KIOGE 2017 was to develop an environmentally friendly world economy. More and more attention is paid to alternative sources of energy. According to experts by 2050 about 70% of cars will be electric. The cost of lithium-ion batteries can be reduced by 5 times. The demand for electricity will increase to 45%. And it will be possible to observe a temporary decline in oil production. Why temporary? Because experts believe that with a competent approach this respite will allow us to find new directions for the development of the oil and gas sector. Mikhail Novikov, General Director of EAGE in Russia and CIS countries, offers to explore non-traditional resources, for example, to study the oil shale rock and its properties.

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