Kazakhstan Transport Week will be held in Almaty from September 20-22, 2022.

The 25th Anniversary International Exhibition Transport & Logistics - TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2022 will be held at the Atakent Exhibition Center (Almaty) in autumn 2022 from September 20 to 22. Over the years of its existence, the exhibition has become the largest transport industry event in the entire Central Asian region.

Taking into account the strategically advantageous territorial position of Kazakhstan, whose territory is crossed by 11 international transit corridors - 5 railways and 6 highways, a global effort is in progress to create its own logistics market: new railway lines, ports and highways are being built, roadside infrastructure and storage complexes are being modernized and improved.  The Silk Road project, which has become the largest transit bridge between the East and the West, is intensively developing. The transport sector is a serious driver of the country's economic development, employing more than 450,000 people in Kazakhstan. According to K. Uskenbayev, head of the MIID of the RK,  currently the transport industry of Kazakhstan demonstrates positive dynamics. The volume of freight transportation continued to grow. Thus, in January-June 2022, compared to the same period last year, the figure remained at 106.2%.

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"This year we have the task to bring the volume of freight transportation by railway up to 420 million tons, transit transportation up to 24.5 million tons and transit of containers up to 1100 thousand TEUs. Today about 90% of transit freight is transported by railway," said K. Uskenbayev. In general, the key quantitative indicator for the development of the country's transit-transport potential is defined in the national project "Strong Regions - Drivers of the Country's Development". By 2025 it is planned to increase the volume of transit transportation to 30 million tons.

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The 27th Central Asian International Exhibition of Mining Equipment, Production and Concentration of Ores and Minerals will be held on 20-22 September in Almaty, at the Atakent Kazakhstan Business Cooperation Center - Mining and Metals Central Asia 2022, and the 18th Kazakhstan International Road and Heavy Construction and Communal Machinery Exhibition - Kazcomak 2022.

The traditional annual exhibitions of this topic is not accidental because the mining and metallurgical complex is in the list of the main and strategically important industries of Kazakhstan, accounting for a quarter of the volume of exports and providing jobs for more than 200 thousand citizens of the country. In January-May 2022, the output in the mining and metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan amounted to 5.3 trillion KZT, which in terms of value was 26.1% higher than in the same period of 2021. In January-April 2022, exports of steel products increased by 34.5%, amounting to 4.9 billion USD, including 1.8 billion for ferrous industry, and 3.1 billion for non-ferrous industry .

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Considering the stable growth rate of the MMC, the holding of industry expo events is of utmost importance.

Traditionally, for the 27th time Mining and Metals Central Asia will bring together major market players and representatives of the state apparatus, industry experts and specialists of mining enterprises, mining and processing plants, and wholesale trading companies.

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The 28th Kazakhstan International Construction and Interiors Exhibition KazBuild will open its doors on September 7-9 at the Atakent Exhibition Center in Almaty.

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Specialists of construction and interior industries will meet on the same platform with domestic and international producers of services and products, representatives of industry unions and associations, as well as supervising departments of the state apparatus. According to statistics from the National Statistics Bureau of Kazakhstan, in January-June 2022, a total of 100.5% of residential buildings were commissioned compared to the same period last year. Currently, construction in Kazakhstan is one of the industries that receive significant attention from the state. The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan continues to develop a set of measures to support the construction industry in the current macroeconomic and geopolitical situation. According to experts' opinions, in the near future, the active phase of construction growth in Kazakhstan will be continued, which determines the importance of holding the industry exhibition event in Kazakhstan.

In this regard, the KazBuild exhibition site will become a place of demonstration of construction and interior industry innovations, as well as a productive dialogue platform for all market participants to identify further development prospects for the construction and housing sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The 14th International Exhibition of household and industrial equipment for heating, water supply, plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation Aquatherm Almaty 2022 will be held on September 7-9, 2022 in Atakent KBCC, Almaty.

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           Every year, new territorial entities appear in Kazakhstan, state programs are developed and implemented to provide housing for the population and support the construction, HVAC and VC industries. MIID of the RK supervises construction of water supply networks within settlements, 375 projects for construction of engineering and utilities infrastructure for future housing for 119 billion KZT are planned for implementation this year.  In order to ensure 100% access to water supply services under the National Project, 498 billion KZT will be allocated from the national budget. Attention from the state to the housing and utilities sector in the country determines the need for further timely development of the industry, which is one of the main objectives of the Aquatherm Almaty exhibition.

Aquatherm Almaty exhibition serves as a meeting place for representatives of wholesale and retail trade, design, engineering, installation and construction organizations from the regions of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and abroad. As an effective demonstration site for new industrial and household equipment for heating, water supply, air conditioning and ventilation, Aquatherm Almaty expands the geography of the HVAC and VC market in Kazakhstan by attracting international participants, promoting domestic manufacturers and enhances the professional skills of industry professionals. During the three days of the exhibition participants and visitors have the opportunity to discuss current issues of housing and utilities sector, hold productive B2B meetings with managers about favorable conditions of supply and cooperation, visit practical seminars and presentations from manufacturers.

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MMC companies are raising salaries for employees. Social projects of enterprises were discussed at the AMM Congress.

On June 16-17, 2022, the 12th International Mining and Metallurgical Congress was held in Nur-Sultan, the central topic of which was the contribution of the MMC to the social and economic development of Kazakhstan. AMM has once again become a central and, importantly, a productive platform for dialogue between the state and business. The Congress was attended by 817 delegates from 13 countries, including Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, Canada, Cameroon, Mongolia, Norway and Republic of South Africa. In total, the program includes 16 sessions with the participation of representatives of the state apparatus, representatives of business, industry unions and world-famous experts. The exhibitors of the exhibition were 21 companies from Kazakhstan, China, Russia and Switzerland.

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In 2021, the MMC sector provided about 30% of the total industrial production in the country, or 11 trillion KZT in money terms. At the same time, the industry shows growth from year to year: if in 2021 metal ores, for example, were extracted by 3.3 trillion KZT, then in 2020 this indicator was equal to 2.2 trillion KZT. Processing in metallurgy is even greater – the volume of output there last year reached 7.7 trillion KZT against 5.7 trillion KZT the year before.

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On June 16 in Nur-Sultan city an award ceremony of the national industry competition “Golden Hephaestus” took place, which takes place annually in the framework of the AMM Congress. The main topic for 2022 was the role of the MMC in the social and economic development of Kazakhstan and the value of human capital. The Golden Hephaestus competition is currently the largest and most prestigious award for metallurgists. Participation in this competition raises the status and competitiveness of specialists and encourages them to continuously grow and develop.


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KIHE 2022: advanced medical and laboratory equipment, medicines and pharmaceuticals from domestic and foreign manufacturers

On May 20 the 27th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2022 ended at the Atakent Exhibition Center. 200 companies from Austria, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan took part in the exhibition.


It is important that almost 45% of participants are domestic manufacturers and suppliers, including Ordamed, BTL Kazakhstan, Dolce-Pharm, Bioline-Kazakhstan, OST-Pharm, Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiosurgery and Transplantology, Medilux, Amir&D and many others. International companies and manufacturers accounted for 55% of the total number of participants; the KIHE project became a starting point for them to enter the Kazakhstani market, allowing to expand the geography of sales and significantly increase the volume of supplies to Kazakhstan. In addition to the presence of exhibitors from 12 countries, there were 8 collective stands from Belarus, Russia, and the Czech Republic. 66 companies took part in the exhibition for the first time.

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