Exhibitions in Kazakhstan must go on! Stand by.

Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company is pleased to announce the resumption of exhibition activities in Kazakhstan. According to the Decree, starting from May 2021, large-scale public events are allowed in Kazakhstan again, as long as the relevant sanitary norms and some restrictive measures are observed.

After a long break, we will finally be able to meet again in person on the same platform with our Partners, participants and visitors to create events of high professional level, which annually give an opportunity for business growth and demonstrate the best global practices of production, cooperation and innovation

Holding exhibitions in a safe environment involves our company's engagement in the Ashyq Project ( and increased compliance with sanitary norms. In particular, the occupancy of the exhibition premises shall not exceed 70%, and the density of visitors shall not exceed 1 visitor per 6 square meters.

Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company has developed a number of measures for the safe holding of exhibitions, including both the best practices of international exhibition companies and the company's own experience, taking into account the successful long-term experience of the company in holding industry events in Kazakhstan. We are ready to ensure the safety of both exhibitors and visitors. Stake on safety and quality. The rules for safe conduct of offline events are derived from the well-known recommendations of Union des foires internationales (UFI), namely social distancing, masking procedures and the use of antiseptics and sanitizers. To date, Iteca has already elaborated the check-in process and entrance areas according to the UFI requirements.Iteca80

Throughout the fall exhibition season, we will also adhere to the following protective measures:

  • Online check-in with time limits for visits;
  • Pass control at pavilion entrances using the Ashyq App;
  • Infrared temperature meters capable to detect in real time, even in a large flow of people, individuals whose temperature is higher than normal at the entrances to the exhibition halls;
  • Fixed sanitizers in the busiest and most frequented places (check-in area, brake-out rooms, cafes, organizers' offices, bathrooms, etc.);
  • Pocket individual sanitizers will be handed out to the participants of the exhibition;
  • Disposable masks will be distributed to visitors and exhibitors;
  • Daily cleaning of the exhibition pavilions with disinfectants;
  • Setting-up air disinfection systems.

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Occupational safety issues were discussed by experts from Kazakhstan and international organizations.

On April 28, on World Labor Day, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company, held a webinar on the topic "Anticipating the crisis and being ready for it - Investing now in adequate occupational safety systems."

In an online format, labor experts from Kazakhstan, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Association of Labor Inspections (IAIT) and business representatives discussed the development of modern systems for preventing industrial accidents in the context of pandemics, the use of modern digital solutions in production and investment in IT in the field of labor protection and industrial safety.

Opening the webinar, the First Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sarbasov Akmadi Adilovich noted that thanks to the timely measures taken in Kazakhstan, it was possible to significantly reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection among workers at enterprises. First of all, this is a recommendation to all employers to transfer employees to a remote mode of work and the creation of work councils for safety and labor protection at enterprises, whose responsibilities include ensuring internal control over compliance with labor safety and health requirements at enterprises.
 He also said that the the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population has submitted a bill on improving the legal regulation of remote work for consideration by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.kiosh

According to Sarbasov, more than 1,300 workers are injured annually at enterprises in Kazakhstan, of which about 200 people die. The roadmap provides for a set of measures to optimize the requirements for employers in the field of occupational safety, aimed at reducing occupational risks at workplaces, industrial injuries and workplaces with harmful working conditions, and ensuring proper state control.

An unprecedented program with the participation of key industry experts awaited the participants of the webinar. The speaker was the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of MAIT Ivan Ivanovich Shklovets, who spoke about the role of labor inspectorates in the fight against the pandemic.

The National Coordinator of the ILO in Kazakhstan Umirzhanov Talgat Abdrakhmanovich made a presentation on the topic “Anticipating the crisis and being ready for it - Investing now in adequate occupational safety systems”.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhumageldieva Gulnara Amangeldievna informed the webinar listeners about the role of trade unions in improving the occupational safety system.

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Anticipating the crisis and being prepared for it - invest now in adequate occupational safety systems.

On April 28, at 11:00 am Nur-Sultan time, a webinar will be held on the topic "Anticipating the crisis and being prepared for it - Investing now in adequate occupational safety systems", which will be timed to coincide with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 to help prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace around the world.
 This awareness campaign aims to raise public awareness of health and safety issues and an increase in work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.
 In every region of the world, governments, trade unions, employers' organizations and health and safety practitioners are organizing events for World Day.

The webinar is being held under the auspices of the Kazakhstan International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational and Industrial Safety - KIOSH 2021, which, due to the long-term negative impact on the world of coronavirus infection, were postponed to April 27-29, 2022.kiosh

According to the ILO, more than 2 million workers in the world die each year in production or as a result of labor activity. Economic losses amount to 4% of the gross domestic product of the world economy and in monetary terms exceeds 1.25 trillion US dollars. The protracted COVID-19 pandemic has caused many countries, employers and the general public to face unprecedented challenges related to the virus and the many impacts it has on the world of work.
 It was particularly relevant to take the opportunity to time our webinar on World Labor Day to raise awareness and stimulate dialogue on the importance of creating and implementing sustainable OSH systems and investing in them, building on domestic and foreign examples of mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, talk about investments in digitalization and the use of modern IT solutions in the field of occupational safety.

The webinar will be aimed at bringing together domestic and foreign experts for an open dialogue, exchange of experience, new trends and advanced practical solutions at a high level.
 The online platform will provide an excellent opportunity for representatives of occupational safety and health organizations, labor inspectors, safety specialists and business representatives to share their vision of the further development of modern industrial accident prevention systems in the context of pandemics.

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Transformation is a key opportunity for the development of the mining and smelting sector in the future.


The online conference will be held on March 4th. Its main theme will be "The Era of Transformation - improving productivity". The main outcome of the past 2020 for mining companies was their resilience to shock events, as well as their ability to transform complex issues in times of crises into the challenges ahead in a new era of change.
 In an era of transformation, technological challenges are prioritized in order to increase productivity and efficiency.
 As part of the second part of the Mining Online Conference & Workshops series, experts will discuss how to solve them, what comprehensive approaches to solving such problems to use and in which direction to move on.miningOnline

Three specialized sessions will be held for specialists of the mining and metallurgical industry, with the participation of 15 speakers, experts from leading departments, specialists from specialized companies and associations.

Key topics of online-conference sessions:

  • MMC development vectors in 2021.
  • Modern approaches to the implementation of complex projects in the mining industry.  
  • Gold mining industry development plan.

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Within three days, from November 3rd to 5th, for the first time in an online format, the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan

Within three days, from November 3rd to 5th, for the first time in an online format, the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan was successfully held and representatives of state bodies, industry associations and unions, domestic manufacturers and business met to discuss on the virtual platform of the Forum the current state of the industry, to find solutions for effective business conduct in accordance with the new market realities.

 A specialized session, devoted to the discussion of the latest bakery technologies and optimization of bakery production in the new realities was held at the end of the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan.AgriFood logo

A rich live dialogue in the Q&A format, training master classes with the participation of experts in the field of bakery production, as well as an online meeting of the Club of Food Technologists took place on the air.
Bakery technologist, expert of the BSPiK Academy, Sergey Zemtsov introduced the audience to the effective solution of functional problems using modern ingredients in baking, as well as to kneading and baking technologies for multi-grain bread.
Sergey Tkachev, an expert in the field of opening and developing bakeries, shared practical cases on increasing the profit of bakeries by optimizing production.

The Bakery-online platform has become a place for discussing possible ways of developing the industry, according to the new conditions, has identified the most favorable vectors for the industry forward movement, focusing on the most profitable and promising technological processes and innovative solutions.

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On November 11th, there will be an online forum for HoReCa professionals, where key experts and industry leaders will talk about the current state of affairs in their market segment, discuss further strategies for the development of the hospitality industry, share their experience, as well as practical cases on building effective work in new conditions and experience in solving urgent problems of the industry.

The online event HorexForum 2020 is held under the auspices of the annual Horex Qazaqstan exhibition, which, due to the global long-term impact of coronavirus infection, was postponed to November 3 - 5, 2021.horex

Today, it is impossible to find an industry or company that has not been affected by COVID-19. Especially when the industry is related to the provision of hospitality services, but new times require new solutions. So, on November 11, together with reputable industry experts, we will discuss all the topical issues of the industry, shaped by the new reality. Among the speakers and participants of the forum, there are leading representatives of the hotel and restaurant business, experts from the hospitality industry, representatives of industry associations, marketing and management specialists.

The online forum program will include a number of thematic master classes and coaching sessions, a live dialogue in the Q&A format, and a round table on catering, organized jointly with ABCS. The HorexForum 2020 consulting and training platform will become an effective tool for developing joint solutions and measures that will help the hospitality industry to withstand the crisis.

Optimization of business processes in order to reduce costs, search for new sources of income through the development of new proposals, revision of services and changes in business formats, as well as strengthening their technological competencies on the path of development, which the industry has successfully walked in the pre-covid world - these and other issues, will be covered in the online forum.

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AgriFood Qazaqstan 2020: Points of growth for the agro-industrial complex

Today, November 4, within the framework of the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan discussion platform, two thematic sessions were held on the following issues:

  • Attraction of investments into the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan;
  • Fruit and vegetable business in Kazakhstan: the impact of COVID'19 and overcoming the crisis.

The discussions were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and regional akimats, industry associations and unions, domestic agricultural producers and businesses.AgriFood logo

In the new realities, investment is vital for the modernization of the national economy, as it allows to overcome the existing crisis in the development of regions, to ensure financial stability by raising and expanding existing production, to actively participate in solving various social problems.
Investments in the agro-industrial complex aimed at obtaining a quality product will have a multiplier socio-economic effect: increasing employment and income levels of the population, increasing the competence of local farmers and entrepreneurs, expanding sales markets, and improving the competitiveness of local products.

Speaking about measures to support agriculture by the state, it should be noted that the agrarian sector is becoming a state priority, which, in turn, can contribute to increasing the investment attractiveness of the agro-industrial complex. Attracting not only the state, but also large companies is not only attracting direct investment, but also the transfer of technology and managerial experience, an increase in labor productivity, access to foreign markets and integration into global production chains.
In addition to the processing sector, Kazakhstan has great potential in the development of greenhouse facilities. It is interesting both as an export destination and in terms of meeting the domestic needs of the population during the off-season.

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