Iteca - 2019 Exhibition Season Results

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Over the past few years the exhibition events in Kazakhstan rapidly reached a new quality level. It is promoted by the State’s open economic policy and the growth of Small & Medium-sized Businesses (according to Today, participation in the exhibitions has become more conscious and professional; companies seek to maximize the effectiveness of participation. As a professional organizer, Iteca strongly supports this trend and improves the exhibition culture in the country. Every year we provide the participants with free of charge marketing tools and trainings to improve the impact of exhibitors participating in exhibitions. Feedbacks from visitors and regular attendees in the events suggest that our activities contribute to the signing of contracts and introduction of new technologies, including those related to the digitization of the economy and establishment of international relations in many fields.

2019 was full of interesting events and new formats of the events.

  • New formats that combine exhibition, educational and entertainment events in one place have been introduced.

    Thus, within KITF 2019 Tourism Exhibition, the travel forum, Festival Food Taste & Travel Fest and 20 professional seminars & master classes were successfully organized.

    FoodExpo Qazaqstan Events Week for the first time encompassed 13 large-scale special events, ranging from AgroForum Agriculture Conference, finishing with Baking Bread Master Classes and Coffee Workshop, which increased the growth of professional visitors by 21%.


  • We have continued the practice of Hosted Buyer’s Program, which included a visit of our events by expert delegations from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

  • Quality content of KIHE Exhibitions Program Business, AMM, KazBuild, AquaTherm Almaty, Mining & Metals Central Asia and other events was filled with professional presentations of new products industries and training from the world's experts on management, HR, PR and other matters.

  • We have completed the rebranding of such exhibitions as the Mining & Metals Central Asia, FoodExpo Qazaqstan, Securex, KIOSH.

  • We held a commemorative exhibition of Mining & Metals Central Asia, HoRex and AMM Congress on a grand scale, which showed an increase on 27% on average.

  • Following the results of an independent audit, PowerExpo Almaty, FoodExpo Qazaqstan and AgroWorld Qazaqstan Exhibitions confirmed International Event Status according to evaluation of the Universal Fair Industry (UFI).

  • Iteca Exhibition & Conferences Web-sites have changed their design and content which have become adaptable to any device.

  • In line with keeping Green Politics inside the company and during the events, in 2019 all the participants & visitors’ badges are made of eco-paper. We abandoned plastic in favor of feedstock. Moreover, employees of the company planted alley of 37 apple trees and installed 10 bird nesting boxes in the park area of Atakent Exhibition Complex.

  • We are constantly working to improve the skills of our employees and in 2019 our team completed training consisting of 8 Units (272 hours) including professional courses and personal growth trainings.

Even now, we are actively preparing for 2020 Exhibition Season, which traditionally begins in mid-March with ShymkentBuild Construction Exhibition.



  • FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2019

  • Astana Zdorovie 2019

  • Powerexpo Almaty 2019

  • TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2019

  • Mining & Metals CA 2019 & Kazcomak 2019

  • KazBuild 2019 & Aquatherm Almaty 2019

  • AMM 2019

  • AstanaBuild 2019

  • KIHE 2019

  • KITF 2019

  • WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018

  • Powerexpo Almaty 2018

  • KIOGE 2018

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